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Day: September 14, 2016

Important Italian Words to Know when Visiting Calabria

Important Italian Words to Know when Visiting Calabria

Important Italian Words to Know when Visiting Calabria


Italy is a beautiful place to visit. Calabria is one of the best kept secrets in Italy. This area has a number of beaches, a beautiful coastline, a great places to eat and drink. There are some important Italian words to known when visiting Calabria to make the trip a great one.

One of the basic words that a person should learn in Italian is grazie. This means thank you. When a person is being served they should know how to thank everyone from their host to the waiter or the waitress that has brought their food.

Per Favore is another word that is a must known. This means please. Using this word will show that a person has basic manners that is needed for social interactions.

Prego means you are welcome. This is another phrase that will show that a person has manners.

Si and no are two other important things that a person should know when they are asked questions. Si means yes. No is the same in Italian as it is in English.

When a person bumps into someone of when they are trying to get by another person the polite thing to do is to say excuse me. In Italian a person will say mi scusi. While it means the same thing it sounds much better when spoken in Italian.

When a person goes out to eat in public especially if they have a couple of drinks they are more than likely going to have to use the bathroom. It is important that a person known how to asks where the bathroom is located. Dov e la toilette is a way to ask where is the bathroom.

These are just some of the basic phrases in Italian that a person should known when they are visiting Calabria. These phrases will help a person get buy and show that they have manners.